About Us

The Company was founded in 2013 to provide an excellent service at an affordable price. We offer cast replica and replacement medals of the highest quality, with their corresponding ribbon and numerous available clasps. We hold a vast range of replica medals from the battle of Trafalgar to modern conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan.
The founder of the company had a particular interest in military history obtaining a degree studying War at King’s College London. His passion for medals and their recipients continues with the present owner who has an MA in First World War Studies from the University of Birmingham. With knowledge of the subject and a keen interest in what I am selling, it has been my aim to ensure the truest design beside an outstanding quality of finish.

We feel that our tough and high quality replica medals will suit the need of any customer whether it is to replace lost medals, keep your originals safe or offer a wonderful gift!

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I will be away from the office 28/3/15 - 14/4/15, please bear this in mind when purchasing.